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Summer 16' Is Dad Hat Season: An inside Look At The Hottest Trend Of The Year

Gucci Mane Ice Cream Cone dad hats, meme emoji polo style caps, trending twill cotton dad hat

Previously reserved for the collections of 40 somethings with fading physiques, mortgages and family responsibility. The unstructured twill cap received it's moniker from he dads who notoriously sported them. "Dad Hats" have enjoyed a resurgence among the fashion forward this season and the trend is raging.

The dad hat wave has taken notes from today's pop culture craze and meme happy madness offering everything from Big Worm from the original Friday movie vectors to comical political satire in the form of the Nobody 2016 election campaign hats, the bolder the statement or funnier the phrase the better.

Larger brands and designers have also gotten in on the party, Kanye West's The Life of Pablo tour merch headlined by the Yeezus and Wolves dad hats reportedly sold $1 million worth of inventory in 48 hours, and when the Beyonce Lemonade movie premiered Lemon emoji hats flew off the shelves. One things for sure the summer is dad hat season and there are plenty to choose from and make a statement with.

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Gabriel Marsh
Gabriel Marsh
Sep 08, 2021

Great post, thanks


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