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Childhood Animation Icons Get Streetwear Makeovers

You remember them, you love them, they might even spark warm feelings of the light heated carefree days of childhood. As of late there have been many sightings of 90s era cartoon characters revamped and rocking contemporary fashion trends all over the web. It seems like a natural connection, after all with a huge portion of the streetwear demographic composed of 90s kids who grew up on shows like The Simpsons, Recess and Dragonball Z one might ask, Why Not?

We recently checked out several artist across IG credited with works like Bart Simpson sporting Yeezy Boost 350s and a Supreme t shirt, or Street Fighter's Ehonda in a Capcon Dad Hat. Illustrators @apeshitjdm and @machonis have gained thousands of followers with there mash up art featuring there favorite retro cartoons. Check out a few .


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