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Supreme x Nike "Suptempo" Could This Possibly Be More Colorways?

News of another possibly collaboration between New York skate brand Supreme and sportswear powerhouse Nike on the classic Uptempo aptly dubbed the "Suptempo", has had the world of streetwear buzzing since last week. The two companies have become very familiar with each other as of late with several previous work, and theirs no shortage of hype this time around either.

Adding to the anticipation is the fact that neither company has spoke a mumbling word on weather or not this "rumor" is actually true. A few days back several would be leaks have hit the web along with fan concepts. If photos are accurate the Suptempo will feature the iconic 90s look of the original with the most noticeable difference the Supreme wrap replacing signature AIR branding on the sides.

There's also a desert camo version floating around with the AIR script intact but replaces the Nike logo on the heal with an S. Although the camo ones were probably just a hypebeast's dream keep in mind Nike nor Supreme has confirmed or denied any of the photos to surface.

We included a few pics of some of the possible colorways as well as the aforementioned desert camo version. Stay tuned for more updates.


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