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Medicom Partners with BBC Ice Cream To Produce a $320 Pharrell Williams Action Figure

As a kid I loved action figures, I owned hundreds of them from G.I. Joe to the classic Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles I collected them all. Truth be told I would probably still be a heavy collector if my girlfriend didn't constantly bust my chops about owning more toys than my kid, or if said kid didn't run a muck about the house destroying everything in his presence. But enough about my loving family.

As part of their Real Action Heroes product line Medicom Toys have turned Pharrell Williams into a 11.8" action figure. Featured in the unforgettable 2014 Grammy outfit complete iconic "Smokey the Bear" hat, the piece is very intricately detailed with extra care being paid t the facial features to the point that if you glance at the photos you just might swear you were looking at Pharrell himself.

The figure also includes articulated joints, interchangeable hands, bracelet, watch, carabiner and figure stand. The RAH Pharrell Williams figure is available now at select locations, Click Here for more info or to order.


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