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Top 10 Most Expensive Out the Box Sneakers... To This Point.

As a child of the 80's I bear witness to the rise of the sneaker game, it all started essentially with the Air Jordan. The Air Jordans really began to gain steam in the 90s right around the time I became old enough to care how I dressed, and at that time they sold for $102.

Today the sneaker game has exploded in not only popularity, but in retail price as well with the average tag reading $150-$180 and Jordans running into the $200 range. Part of the reason for market boom is that sneakers have transcended mere functional uses and risen to an almost pop art like realm. Much like a prized piece from your favorite artist, limited release sneakers have become not only a fashion statement but collectors items.

Then there's the most grailed sneakers, those are in a class alone. Usually released in limited quantity and/or either artist or celeb collaborations or extremely innovative in design concept. Prices on these "modern art masterpieces" have gone for record highs, so we decided to compile a top 10 most expensive sneaker list of out the box releases.


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