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Top 5 Most Rare & Strange Supreme Items EVER Released

Supreme is well known for its wild collaborations and item drops, just last week we did a video on the top 5 strangest Supreme collaborations, but this week we'll be taking a look at some of the most WTF items and or accessories ever to come from the brand. Now before you even say it, I know tons of people have put out list of the strange items released by Supreme so whats new about this one? Well we'll be adding a bit of a spin on this list, naming off the top 5 Most Unlikely to be used Supreme accessories. Because think about it, although a Bible stash box or Supreme combo lock or Supreme box cutter is very strange and WTF worthy, at the end of the day you can use them. So today's list will be "in my opinion" the top 5 most unused Supreme Items. I should probably say also that the infamous Supreme brick will be excluded, the brick has become world renounced as possibly the single most useless Supreme item ever released. Originally sold for $30 I think we can all agree that this is probably the least practical item ever released by any brand. But since the brick is so high profile, we will leave it off the list in favor of items that you may or may not have heard about.

Check out the video to see what makes the list.

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