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Lavar Ball's Big Baller Brand Independence Day Shoe Pack

Big Baller Brand independence day sneaker

The most talked about shoe of the summer, (for better or worst) the ZO2s from Lavar Ball's Big Baller brand sneaker Company, has chosen to drop an Independence day themed shoe pack.

Rumored to only be available in the US, they will be dropping three colorways all red, white or blue. Also featuring signature GOLD wording "BBB" on the side of the shoe in the heel and crisp boost on the bottom heal.

I suppose that now Lonzo has been drafted the Balls feel the extraordinarily high price tag is on it's way to being justified. The shoe will carry a retail price of $495 or $695 if your shoe size is bigger than 13.

Hope you're a patient person though, because if you order today, they will be shipped by November 24 to everyones homes. I think this shoe is great especially for this Holiday, only controversial thing is the price other than that the shoe is one of a kind.


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