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Puma Releases A New Ukiyo-E Inspired “Marine” Pack

puma New Ukiyo-E Inspired “Marine” Pack

Puma has decided to take inspiration from Ukiyo-E, a traditional form of Japanese art design with there Marine Pack.

The "Marine" pack pays tribute to "Marine Day", a national holiday in Japan held each year to celebrate the ocean surrounding the multiple islands of Japan.

Puma choose 3 classics to work with, the Disc Blaze, Easy Rider and Clyde silhouettes. Each one is outfitted with a bold and striking color scheme printed with a design reminiscent of some of Japan’s most iconic art.

The pack also includes a collection of bomber jackets and tees, using similar wave design patterns.

The Puma "marine" pack will be dropping on July 13th from selected puma retailers, and a shoe worth its bargain.


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