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Red's $1600 Smartphone With Holographic Display Boast To Be First Of It's Kind

The company RED which is known for making cameras, has made a phone and it's incredible. The Hydrogen One is not only the first holographic media machine ever, but it is also small enough to fit on your pocket. Not only that, you don't need bulky weird looking glasses to see it's beautiful holographic display.

At press release, it was announced that the phone will have a 5.7 inch screen. It also uses nanotechnology and can switch the view from 2D to 3D and holographic displays very easily. Since RED is known for cameras they even made attachable accessories that will make your photos that much better.

Is this phone ridiculous or worth it? Could this be the next wave for smartphones, Red certainly hopes so. Since the unfortunate passing of Steve Jobs, Apple has lacked a bit in the innovation department and Red hopes to leap frog with the Hydrogen One.

Prices are a bit steep now but it's always the case with brand new tech, expect retail prices to fall when and/or if the devices catch on. But hey, if you've got the money, why not own such an extraordinary product. I would. Oh, and did I mention this phone is made of titanium? Well it is, making it that much more dapper than any of its competitors.


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