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Air Jordan 9 Pinnacle Baseball Shoe Pack

Air Jordan 9 Pinnacle Baseball shoe Pack

Here at take Flight 214 we have covered versions of the Jordan pinnacle, here's another version that has released but for the Air Jordan 9. Modeled after a baseball glove, the Pinnacle is meant as a tribute to MJ's stent in the minors.

Available in both black and brown, the Jordan 9 Pinnacle features baseball glove like leather stitching along the side. Number 45 the number Jordan wore while playing for the Birmingham Barons, has been embroidered on the heel of the black pair, and the number 35 signifying his time with the Scottsdale Scorpions is stitched to the brown pair.

The Jordan Pack will also release baseball jerseys and hats in a black or grey option. This amazing looking shoe will drop. On July 15, each pinnacle will be housed in packaging inspired by baseball cards.

The interesting part is however, you won't know which color you are getting until you open the pack. For those that don't remember, in the glory days of trading cards you never knew what you were getting until you ripped open the package. The Jordan Pinnacle will follow this theme, so hope you like both colors because theres no give backs.


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