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Being able to move around and balance on a board is pretty great but it’s also great if you choose the right one that fits your personality. There are three different types of boards that are common and well know are super popular is the urban skateboarder communities.

The first is the regular skateboard with the ends both bent upwards. This type is perfect for those people who are great at poppin ollies and kickflips and the tricks that are known around. There also good for those who are just starting out with their first skateboard and need somewhere to start working in their balance.

Next is the cruiser type, these kinds of boards are perfect for “cruising” around town, hens the name. The front is usually a pintail while are the back of it is a kicktail, meaning that it’s bent upwards. The kicktail helps either maneuver the board for turns and for quick stops. The wheels are different from the skateboard but similar to the longboard, they are soft and rubbery and are good for turning more but a cruiser and doesn’t turn as much as the longboard.

The third and final type is the longboard, known for its length and size. This type has its own subspecies that come many different shapes and forms. Depending on which you get, the board is perfect for going down hills and steep roads. The trucks allow it to become easier to maneuver through sharp turns and can be great if you got a class in five minutes.

Many people around the country the are pros and experts at carving, shredding and popping all kinds of tricks. These boards help them everyday do whatever it is they have to do. Only you can make the decision of which type and which design is right for you.

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