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Everything you need to know about the IPhone 8

This year will be Apples iPhone 10 Year anniversary, and the iPhone 8 has been the phone with the most leaks, teasers, videos and rumors. But here's everything you need to know for this years iPhone 8.

The phones size is rumored to be 5.8-inches, and it includes a Bezel-less OLED display with a upgraded camera for Ar features, it will have wireless charging and a rumored special function area in place of the home button.

It is also expected for the iPhone 8 to have longer charge, great since that isn't Apples strong suit. The waterproofing will be even stronger. Most iPhones have dropped in September but since the phone is rumored to be having troubles, it may release in between October or December.

Loyal fans of the brand defiantly can't wait for a release, starting price looks to be over $1,000. This iPhone is really catching everyones eye and we hope the best for its 10 year anniversary.


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