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Is SoundCloud Really Coming To A Close???

Many people in the music world enjoy listening to a variety of music that SoundCloud offers and it’s also a little hidden oasis for people who are trying to get their own sick beat out there. In recent news, according to TechCrunch, the company had to lay off 40% of their staff to save enough money to last the company till the “Q4” which starts in about 75 days. It started as 80 days on July 12.

The founders, Alex Ljung and Eric Wahlforss, were hoping and putting their into the remaining employees but some have already quit. A lot of the employees that are still there are saying the morale of the company has just gone completely sour and is taking a turn for the worst. An employee described the office as a “shit show” and is saying that they don’t believe that people will stay for long. To be honest I don’t blame them for leaving.

I’m sure some of the workers have families to take care of, and will be no doubt heavily impacted by this kind of downfall, so they’re abandoning ship now. If I was working for a company like SoundCloud in its current situation then I would stay till the end but still look for another job to replace this one that's close to the end.

SoundCloud was a safe haven for those who wanted to listen to an online radio, podcasts, saved radio DJ sessions that you can only get on SoundCloud really because you don’t know what part of the world that radio stations even airs at. There are so many communities within SoundCloud that bring people from different backgrounds together. Music artists and producers like Chance the Rapper and Deadmau5 are discussing and coming up with ideas to keep this dream alive. We just got to put our faith into Ljung and Wahlforss and see how they might save the company.


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