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Is Bungie’s First Rough Draft of Destiny 2 Really That Rough?

Bungie’s First Rough Draft of Destiny 2

Early access for Destiny 2 beta will be available for download and gameplay from July 21, 2017, at 10 am PST

til July 23. For those who haven’t gotten a chance for a test run for Destiny 2, go ahead it’s available for open access. As for those who have played, the beta version, I understand your pain. Many people have played the beta and are kind of disappointed and not impressed at all. Some people went through a glitch in the system making everyone in a team vs. team on the same team, people having a hard time completing the missions because the boss is too difficult to take down. I mean it's a beta test, come on. Actually, not everyone hates the beta.

Some people really enjoyed playing on levels that feel comfortably familiar, levels from the first game but in a different point of view. Gamers really enjoyed the very first mission because it provided a lot of promise to the game. Some of the enemies provided a little bit of a challenge, which, for people like me, makes the game even more fun than it already is.

In the beta, you get choose which Guardian class you would like to be in, whether you want to compete on a team of four against four other Guardians or just jump right into the action and start shooting up people from different species from all over the universe. The game itself looks pretty amazing but I want you to decide for yourself whether you like the game still or not. If you want, you can start with the first Destiny and get used to the controls and different levels, the choice is yours.


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