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The Death of A Man in Pain: Chris Cornell Dies At 52

Chris Cornell dies at age 52

Today would’ve been Chris Cornell's 53rd birthday. He was loved by many but not as much as Chester Bennington did. Chris and Chester went on tour earlier this year in May. Chris’s last performance was at a Soundgarden concert in Detroit, with his good friend Chester. As the two continued to perform side by side, they started to become the best of friends. That morning after the Soundgarden concert, on May 18, 2017, Chris Cornell had committed suicide in his hotel room, leaving his wife, three children, and his best friend behind.

Chris Cornell dies at age 52 last letter to friend

Dealing with his friend’s death, Chester wrote a letter to him about how he is grateful that Chris made him a part of his life. Chester was in so much pain and continued to suffer, it can never be easy to deal with the pain of losing that friend that is the reason why you’re so upbeat, why you’re so good at what you do, why your natural talent is there. Chris was his inspiration, motivation, and his reason for understanding why everybody is “ and pain, anger and forgiveness, love and heartache all wrapped into one.”

Today on July 20, 2017, Chester Bennington, committed suicide in his own home in Palos Verdes Estate, California by hanging himself.

I’m not going to lie, this was pretty hard for me to type up, I’ve never listened to his music but I did know a lot of people who did. Putting myself in his perspective is what made it heavy. Losing someone that you care deeply about can be the hardest thing to go through. You feel like the universe is totally different and empty with that person gone. The death of Chester’s close friend made him so down that he couldn’t take the pain any longer. If you or someone in your life is dealing with same pain then find a way to fight through the pain. No one in your life would want to see you gone forever especially by your own hand. Talk to someone, find the someone who’s No. 1 or 2 on your list and let the pain filter out.

We all go through hard times but ending your life won’t make the hard times go away, it’ll make the cuts deeper than they were before and more painful. Find that way to deal with the pain and continue your life for that person, so their deaths won’t be in vain. We all want you to succeed in whatever you do. Just keep your head up high and see the opportunities that are there for the taking. You can do it. ^u^b


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