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Closer Look At Rumored Nas X Supreme Collaboration

We've got a bit of news and a closer look at the huge rumored collaboration between Nas and Supreme. The photo graphic is a bit different than what we saw back in June. Instagramer Paypa_boy gave the fans a closer look at this amazing collaboration by him wearing one of the T-shirts.

Things have come a long way when random IG users are breaking fashion news before anyone else, but Paypa_boy is actually said to be a nephew of Kanye West which would explain a few things.

The T-shirt has Nas wearing a supreme Box Logo tee, olive jacket, black beanie and a cross chain with the phrase "Nasty Nas" under it. Nas has recently been busy latly, recently making the KITH X Coca Cola collection and now appearing on what will most likely be another Supreme classic.


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