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Could Ex 49ers QB, Colin Kaepernick signed onto the Baltimore Ravens?

Could 49ers QB, Colin Kaepernick signed onto the Ravens

Just last Friday, the Baltimore Ravens just finished signing with quarterback David Olsen but that isn’t stopping them from trying to sign with quarterback Colin Kaepernick. While quarterback Joe Flacco is dealing with a back injury, the Baltimore Head Coach, John Harbaugh, says that the addition of Kaepernick on the team is likely to happen.

He also says that both Olsen and Kaepernick are two different players with different characteristics that can be useful for the team. “Those are two different categories of players,” Harbaugh said. “I don’t think one precludes the other because they’re different categories of players completely.” Flacco feels that Kaepernick would help the team.

Flacco would really enjoy having him on the team but not as a starter. "I would like to see Colin get back in [the NFL], and at some point, maybe get another shot [to be a starter]," said Flacco, who hasn't really spoken to Kaepernick. "I wouldn't like that to be here. I do not want him to get another shot [to be a starter] here, but yes, he can come here and have some fun. I think it would be a good spot for him."

People like Harbaugh and the offensive assistant, Greg Roman, who was also the offensive coordinator of San Francisco support Kaepernick coming to the Ravens but it all comes down to the player.

Kaepernick has to make a decision to return to the NFL or not. That’ll determine whether he’ll end up with the Ravens or not. Flacco is expected to out that first week of the season, so that leaves them with Olsen to rely on, which I’m sure he’ll do well. The choice is really Kaepernick’s and desire to play or not. We’ll see what happens in future, for the time being.


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