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Six Basketball Capitals Around the World Getting Their Party On With Exclusive Nike Releases

6 Basketball Capitals Around the World  Getting Their Party On With Exclusive Nike

One of the most fun things to do in the summer is going out and playing a classic game of basketball. Everybody who’s from a city where thes a basketball court, indoor or out, will love to play a some BBall. The cool thing about that is people from all over the world enjoy playing as much as we do. Places like Madrid, Beijing, and Manila.

Nike will be releasing six new colorways for the Nike HyperDunk Collection celebrating and dedicated to the six Basketball Capitals; Beijing, Madrid, Manila, Chicago, New York, and last but never least Los Angeles. Each city got their own unique special design that really brings out those city vibes along with the sport.

Let's start from the Beijing on the top corner and work out way down:

  • Up first we got Beijing. Theirs comes in an Emerald that shows that you can prove you have skill in the basketball community of Dongdan, also proof that you are worthy to play in one of the few courts they have. They came out on the 1st of August.

  • Next is the Spanish city of Madrid, bring in the chill vibes of a sunset that hypes up the courts when the sun goes down, then it really gets on a cracken. The sneaker comes with the MDZ on the back and side representing the native pronunciation of the city’s name. There are the local players and the travelers that come into the city to play, these sneakers help break the social barriers that are creating a friendly sense community within these communities. These were the first to be released from the collection on July 20th.

  • Now we’re traveling to the island of the Philippines, specifically Manila. The community is literally sunk into walls of concrete where you have parking structures surrounding Manila’s Tenement Court Taguig. The concrete surrounded community gets an aesthetic all over gray representing the concrete atmosphere and the heart and soul of the city’s basketball culture. Nike hasn’t set a specific date for these to come out but the should be released by the beginning of August.

  • We’s coming back to the US and making a quick visit to Chicago. The sneaker is dedicated to high school graduate, Saieed Ivey, who was a basketball player at Simeon Career Academy. She passed in LA back in 2016. This sparked a motto that the city has made the basketball communities and the whole city itself come together. FINAO, it means Failure Is Not An Option serving as a reminder of the importance of embracing opportunities. They honor Ivey’s legacy and Nike is gladly proud of helping spread awareness of his mission and what he was trying to do as a young basketball player. The design gives it a city feel like no other where you have FINAO written all over as if it was designed by hand by a graffiti artist. These came out on the 2nd of August.

  • Now we going we going east to the city that never ever sleeps, New York. Making a name for yourself and getting the feel of just one basketball court in the Big Apple ain’t going to cut it. In order to get the whole feel of NYC’s basketball communities, you have to venture through the five boroughs’ most famous courts, giving you a chance to establish yourself. For years, the city has been trying to create up-to-date blueprints for its all-city status. You got the city’s blueprints drawn onto the sneaker referencing to the city’s path to basketball success. These also don’t have a specific date but, they should be coming out in the beginning of August as well.

  • Last, but again, never least, we’s going all the way to Southern Cali, to the City of Angels, with its distinct change in vibe and scenery. From Venice Beach to Hollywood, from Orange County to the Inland Empire, there are endless courts for people who are from all over to come together and see what they’re made of. Below Los Angeles is Orange County and a little more to the east is the Inland Empire where the level has risen in the basketball community. At King Drew Magnet High School the players don’t really pay attention to much to the where each of them is from, they just care about the play of the game. The Drew league design that represents Los Angeles, Orange County, and the Inland Empire, pays homage to the coming together of worlds united by the love of basketball. These will be launched on the 3rd of August.


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