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The City of Angels Hosting the 2028 Olympic Games

The City of Angels Hosting the 2028 Olympic Games

It took some time but it’s official, the 2028 Olympic games are coming back to the US. They will be held in the wide city of Los Angeles. It was either us or Paris that would host the 2024 games but LA was nice and flexible enough to let them have it. Pretty much LA made a deal with the International Olympics Committee that lead the USA to be chosen to host it in 2028.

The IOC actually broke tradition by planning ahead and seeing who will host the games. Los Angeles and Paris were the last two cities that were left that were willing to hold the Olympics, mainly because all the other cities back out due to the concern of cost. The Olympics can be a very costly business to run, it cost the people Rio a lot of money from the 2016 games and they’re in debt to this day, worse than before.

I’m really excited that we are hosting the games, I could finally get a chance to see the games in person. I do hope that all the planning finances work okay to where we could all enjoy it.


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