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Introducing The Bodega x Saucony Grid 8000 "Classifieds"

Remember back in the day, if you needed to get a job you would find the job posts in the daily newspaper that everyone has almost forgot about. Well, now you got a pair of sneaker that brings back that feeling.

Boston’s Bodega and Saucony have teamed up to create a special edition of the Grid 8000. Taking honor in the pride of walking around the city pavement, looking for work.

They feature Bodega’s own graphic design across the tongue and insole while you got vibrant yellow, red, and black palettes inspired by 90’s sportswear.

They’re being released online at Bodega and in-store on the 19th of this month. According to Bodega though, “Sometimes outdoor adventure is nature trails and rock climbing, but sometimes, it’s in the back pages.”

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