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Is The Super Hero Film Craze Finally Fizzling Out??

Is The Super Hero Film Craze Finally Fizzling Out??

With the upcoming released of the third installment of the Thor franchise titled Thor: Ragnorok. (Whatever that means). With the steady stream of other super hero films previously released this year is the audience getting tired of the "Super Hero Film". I would say no and they won't anytime soon.

There are a a lot of draws to the concept of the "hero" and people can take many of the trials the character go through or lesson he/she learns and apply it to their own life. Minus the "out of this world" super powers of course. I mean none of us turn green and gain super strength when we are angry like "The Incredible Hulk" but I'm sure we can all relate to having inner demons we have to overcome. I think for most men there is a hero waiting to get out so to speak.


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