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Taking A Look At The OFF THE HOOK X PUMA Collaboration

Montréal street wear company has recently teamed up with PUMA on a special footwear capsule called “DRESS CODE”

The collaboration gives a luxurious take on the iconic Clyde sneaker. Inspired by 90s nightlife and underground music, this sneaker sports navy suede,daubed with hydroponic repellent which is pretty much water proof on your sneakers. So no need to worry about spills on it from drinks or food stains for the messy eaters or those who may commute a bit. This collaboration will contain a variety of great looking sneakers and will surely be all over the place especially since its best of both worlds when it comes to sneaker shoes.

The OFF THE HOOK X PUMA Clyde “Dress Code” will be released on October-14 at Off the Hook's Downtown and Old Montreal store locations. There will be a release here in the US will be on October 21st at Puma's official website and on international locations. Each pair will cost approximately 111$ USD. Stay tunned for more Sneaker related


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