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Hip Hop is Dead

Hip Hop is dead is a phrase that has been thrown around since Nas dropped his album of the same title. Since around 2004 you have had a continued degradation of not only the music and lyrical quality, but the very integrity of the artist themselves. There is no longer a spirit of purpose driving hip hops message toady. Rap is a derivative of Hip Hop. Honestly black culture see the two as synonymous and they have both became a burden to the black community. Intelligent adults and even former street thugs see hip hop today as something to be laughed at. I compare the culture today to Vince McMahon's World Wrestling Entertainment. It is just that entertainment and should be viewed as such and not looked to for truth.

Lyrics, wordplay, clever use of grammar, and diction are not skills that are devalued with time. Rappers such as The Notorious BIG and Big Pun, two of the greatest lyrical giants of their time posthumously show up the modern day artist on their own songs. Its sad that no time is put into the craft anymore and even sadder that the fans don't value this or the substance behind the music.

Hip Hop is about more than just putting sounds over a beat , putting on some jewelry, snd in taking a bunch of alcohol and substances. We should be cautious because the music is so ingrained in the behavior of urban society which is increasing in population

This is not the era of Public Enemy, a multi platinum rap group of the early 90s whose unique and powerful revolutionary lyrics empowered broken ghetto kids. Now most songs are just about doing drugs,sleeping with the next persons partner, and chasing material. All these things have led to the destruction of the black and minority communities. With that being said I'm not sad that rap has to take its place beside Disco music.


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