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Top 10 Most Instagramed Sneakers, SURPRISE Jordans Get Snubbed

Find out which sneakers are the top 30 most posted on Instagram. We cover the entire list of top 10 in detail and then a quick rundown of the remaining sneakers. How Popular are Air Jordans now? Find out if they make the list.

Social media has become a huge force in pop culture and life as we now know it. In fact, It's hard to think a time without Instagram or twitter. Before, folks were forced to live vicariously through their favorite sports star or movie and tv personality. But now just about anybody can recruit a respective following, with some even becoming "Social Media Celebrities"

With this new found popularity, has come a wide variety of ways in which to gain attention and admiration in the virtual world. Rather it's by performing stupid stunts, posting funny videos in hops of them going viral, or just plain old thirst trapping, their is no shortage of inconvience in which people are willing to go to for likes online. released a piece on the Top 10 Most Instagrammed Sneakers. Compiled from a list of top 30 performed by UK company Forward2me. Apparently Forward2me collected the data by compiling and calculating the hashtags for each shoe used on instagram.


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