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"POP" Bottles" - Virgil Abloh Moet/Chandon Living Room Jewels

"Every artist dips his brush in his own soul, and paints his own nature into his pictures". Henry Ward Beecher

The SUPREME is on the wall, your Max 1 collection's just right in the hallway and the Jordan, Kobe, Lebron and Steph Curry complete the hallway collection. What's next!? "POP" bottles with Virgil.- The perfect Fall addition to your "most adored personal artistic space.

Living space is BIG, environment is important. Just the right presence in your home, condo or city loft separates the Lions from the kittens. And what could add "more" to any major creatives personal space than a few premium bottles of bubbly that can serve # 1 as a one off historic streetwear art piece rarely seen and #2 a stunningly attractive accent to your already infamous Living/Dining/ Kitchen Space!?

The merger comes as a commission by Moet/ Chandon to do "something special" for a one of a kind release of their most sought after Champagne. Abloh promotes that he was "moved" by the kind gesture and primarily because of the brands authentic core which he credits most of his "artful inspiration" to - the raw and "The Authentic".

The limited addition bottles are to be released October 19 and by all means should be flying off the shelves seconds after. So set the wood and fireplace, light a candle or two, spray some vanilla in the air and invite your girlfriend over for the weekend. Your friends will bow to you for always being "The Man" and your general creative and living space can be upgraded to the "VIP section" of the crew. Stack a few bottles up - Add the 750ml or the the 3 liter Boss. Bottles "POP" in a myriad of ways!! "Think Different" - Steve Jobs


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