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Weekly Muse: "Baddies that Kill" Madi Edwards

"IG." - The world of Instagram is like a wide open freeway with very few restrictions! And what's better than a "wide open freeway" than one that has the FULL SCALE FLASHY BILLBOARD that makes the ride all the better!!.. For some of you -"YSL- Saint Laurent" others Yeezy SEASON --X, and for our LA crew - Lebron and family!!... Whatever your fix or fancy, one things FOR SURE, billboards catch attention, but the years hottest fashion models always stop traffic!! Ms. Madi Edwards packs ALL THAT with some VERY classy Australian texture to match!! And with a Gram that pops and the swaggo to match. Madi E's in for an attractive career full of sun and all the "waves"!!

Stinging the Instagram backdrop early and establishing a modeling career long before the age of 21 Madi Edwards has wrecked shop for many young bulls Monday Morning Crush. Being picked up by major Aussie media names like Scoop and Chic Management, Ms. Edwards has already fabricated a glossy portfolio for herself, so much so that shes caught both the eyes and payroll of edit monster MAXIM in the early beginning of 2018. Its safe to say that with only time, wonder and experience lacking under her belt, Madi Edwards is a flaming hot taste of whats to come via grassroots IG upstarts and full scale multimedia finishes. Wherever your next "Insta surf" sends you, stop by "Exit Edwards Australia" - the girls got the heart of a young star and that type of vibe that creates Baddies that Kill! Check her out here.

Stay Alert and Stay Thirsty my Friend!


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