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The Adidas CRAZY1ADV. Black and White Sock Exclusive

Micro knit tights... - check. Favorite polyester shorts and Pro Team upper... - check. The saucy' brown gator duffel and matte black Beats pill - check. - The only piece lacking.. The Adidas CRAZY1ADV Primeknit Sock! Welcome to a higher plain$

Relative to its "Court Purple" or its run of the mill red and black or straight white counter part, Adidas thickens the plot at the beginning of October with the solid themed all black and "pop" white sole CRAZY ADV. Genuinely ribbed with the innovative Primeknit upper, a soft rubber rear entry and a matching front tongue loop, the ADV is an EXTREMELY tasteful contemporary "mid" basketball blueprint.. - perfect for morning warm up and work out or "upping the ante" for your next major divisional Friday night Dunk contest!

We know, we know.. Wait your turn!!, the 1 ADV drops October 1st - just in time to accompany your "Off White X Nike" Blazer collabo - How much will they set you back? A WELL DESERVED $150.00US! And whatever the cause - court, casual, street or fleak, Adidas has you covered. You ball.. - Ball Harder. The Adidas CRAZY1ADV. Black and White Sock Exclusive. Man we know how to pick em'$$ lol - Go get it!!


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