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"ADDICTED$" - Swizz Beatz, ART., YOU. and the power of WHY. in dynamic Creative Culture.

Collectors are collectors. No matter if its Basquait's urban premiere, your girlfriends bright new Tom Ford collection or your moon lit man cave chalk full of unworn pretty Air Max 1's$$. No matter what the vibe is, its the "fire underneath the flame", the "reason for the rationale" that clearly defines and navigates the passionate collector. And at the end of the day, its art, its passion, it's our greatest inspiration and the supreme gift to humanity that keeps us addicted to the game, the supreme attraction to "value" and the love for WHAT we love that keeps us always digging for the next color, the next coarse texture and the next self defining piece that will complete main living room. We all carry diverse reasons for WHY we do what we do!!

In a well done short sit down with none other than Swizz Beatz, Sothesby outlines the mind of creative genius and "why" Swizz Beatz chooses to dig so deep for the "unique" and abstract among his personal collection of high contemporary art. Its a great exceprt into the mind and creative art of a superior "artist" as well as solid content to assist in why your own personal arts and motion may demand more from you. Turn your appetite up a notch and broaden your perspective$ - And then when you're finished, check out our bin of most recent collectables in our "Shop" section of the site - "Todays inspiration is tommorows reality". "Choose wisely, Choose powerfully." - TAKEFLIGHT214.


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