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BEEF., "BARZ"., BOSS. or BEHEADED!? - "Drake Thoughts" on The Drake/Pusha Summer

"Kanye", "Pusha", "Adonis", "Drake", "Responsibility" and "Retaliation"... You're the BIGGEST music artist in the world and cheap shots are taken... What do YOU do? Do you instantaneously clap back, give it a "few minutes" and "sleep on it", make an absolute mess, ruin a career or simply re"create"..?

In an openly entertaining yet "manly straightforward" 3 way interview with HBO, Drake explains the "boss talk', his personal relationship to his recent Kanye and Push super beef, and the art of substantial pursuit and growing "smart " vs. the immediate yet sometimes tasteful deterioration of growing apart.

Accompanied by Maverick Carter and the one and only "Los Angeles laced" Mr. Lebron James, Canada's bright shining star shows a softer side to "the Scorpion" and the intelligently aggressive superstar that never seems to sweat under pressure.

With "Kanye West" present in ANY conversation recently, it can be anywhere in the realm of "Yee-diculous" but despite the cooling uproar, Aubrey Graham shoots a peaceful shot about the unique resolve to fight silently and avoiding an all out cold war. Peep the snippet when you get a chance today. Its the perfect closing to a BLAZING hot summer! "NONSTOP$$" - TAKEFLIGHT214.


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