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"Drip, HARD, Shop.$" Shopping "Drip Harder" sneaker motifs with Lil Baby!

That new car smell.. heeeeeeeeeeffffffvvv (long inhale...), ....ahhhhhhhhhh (long exhale...)....... Nahhhhhhh.. - that NEW SHOE smell... heeeeeeeefffvvv (long inhale...) - "SHISH"!!! Nothing like it!!!

Boasting a powerful new audio portfolio reflecting all things "Drip" worthy, Lil Baby takes time out to shop his favorite sneakers, big boy colorways and talk real "drip" moves with urban culture hot shot Complex. Native to southern sound and highly related to the new wave of Hip Hop/Trap Hop motif, finding the right "drip" is nothing new to the 23 year old southern archetype.

From Reebok to Jordan, High Luxury footwear to unpredictable streetwear similes, Lil Baby takes an exemplary walk through one of Georgia's more exclusive "foot fitters"! So grab your notepad, tell your friends hit you back in an hour or so and enjoy a calm, chill walk thru with rap rookie Lil Baby... Ice on Drip, pockets on leak and swag on full, - RUN THE TAB UP! Lil Baby private sneaker shop! - TAKEFLIGHT214.


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