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Future. Provocitive. - ARRIVED$. - "AIR JORDAN" 33!

We've all drooled over the iconic image!.. Left leg fully extended, eyes up, the ball ferociously tucked in right behind his right ear. No poster, moment or created advertisement ever comes close. Its purely epic "Jordan", fully "Flight "elegant", and the future of basketball WAY before its time. The moment was "Air Jordan" at its finest! - A very familiar place where history spoke strongly at a very "unfamiliar" mark!

October 18, 2018 marks yet another MAJOR transition for all things Flight and all things Jordan. Inspired, innovated and infused by DECADES of perfection, clearly defined eras of UNMATCHED release content and a brand image and title second to none, the "god like" Michael Jordan and Nike now transition to a new era of "Jordan" in the Air Jordan 33. The release marks all things yesteryear and even more to look forward to in the future "not yet here". Change has come...."Jordan Twisted Fantasy" or impressive Nike forerunner!?

Fully loaded with the all new Nike "FastFit" package, a sound palette of nylon and rubber fuse, the "33" speaks a language all previous Jordan's have not. Unafraid to test creativity in numerous pockets never tested before, Nike tries on a futuristic "spacelike" basketball boot present enough to hold the classic Jordan fan's attention yet "future forward" enough to make all other platforms and manufacturers truly consider new ways to "bring the ball up the back court".

The Air Jordan 33 sets you back $175.00US on October 18 with MORE than enough innovation to keep you intrigued. Its a release that tests everything we've known about traditional "Jordan" language and culture but juuuussssst enough "bite" to want to watch it flourish. Jump on or jump off?.. You call it. The Future has spoken. Air Jordan 33$


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