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The CODE-$. Erin Royale'

"Shop Hard, Do well. Finish School. "Sauce Up". Reign Royale'!.. Introducing Ms. Erin Royale' from Pittsburgh, PA. Mind of a student, vision of independent Superstar and focus of a young poised entrepreneur, If she shot for the stars, she caught a sure glimpse of a few of them!..

Haling from the city where hard work, sure determination and FULL committed focus to complete the task at hand is every day language, Erin Walker parallels "the heart of the many" yet still follows the well pointed voice of "one". With an early start in modeling growing up, her short exposure to the "other side of herself" has now found a new yellow brick road in light media, still shot brand Marketing and various entertainment focused modeling work!!

Her Favorite Hobbies....: Shopping in ANY mall, ice cream on Sundays, fashion sketching in her spare time and adventurously doing nothing!!!

Favorite Color...: Gold. Only.

Immediate Goal: Patiently finishing school. Progressively growing her unique modeling brand and portfolio.

"Star" stare in her eye, opportunity knocking on her door step and city wind in her sails, "the code" is sure, the foundation is laid and the formula looks well mapped out. Keep your eyes open, mouse buttons down and ears peeled!.. She just may be coming to a video shoot, make up mock up or stand in your way. ERIN ROYALE', --THE CODE-$. Connect with Erin


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