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SPIT in LA, - lightly Rockets country.., "Magic Johnson Flash and Flashback" against the Nuggets, Lonzo Ball step back Splash set opening night and a shiny new fleet of hungry, focused and dedicated talent... Welcome to the new Los Angeles Lakers. All upgrade. All growth. All Hail. All In. Young Hollywood at its finest.

As soon as the news leaked that Lebron James could quite potentially leave his deeply cherished hometown of Cleveland Ohio, freely disarm a team, band and culture he specifically put together himself, and disband a legacy only inches in the ground, the world went APE at all the potential new outfits. Lebron James loose and even worse on the prowl for an even deeper arsenal. The stories were written, the speculations were made and the tomatoes were thrown. The result. King James. Hollywood California. Options WIDE open. - - - Who in the hell left the kid all alone unsupervised in the candy store?.. Fast Forward game 1, Opening night Los Angeles, California... All hands up, pace quickened, roster deepened, seats full... Psssssssst'... Young Hollywood's back$$.


Brandon "B.I. "Ingram - Young, fierce, razor sharp middle lane monster. Always ready and set for a half/three quarter court scramble. All intent to win and unruly for ALL the right reasons.

JaVale "Squiggly" McGee - Foot on the floor, mind on the mission, selfish for the whole box. 3 extra rebounds in any fourth quarter and the Lakes' have a shot 3.5 out of 5 tries.

Lebron "The Kingdom" James - ALL BOSS. ALL EXPERIENCE. ALL COMPLETE COURT VISION. All things Championship. 1 goal. Best in the World, a Yellow and Purple diamond encrusted championship ring and NIGHTLY Golden Globes.

Kyle "Kracked it" Kuzma - "Watch me King.., Watch me Coach... - .."He's crowding me Ref"... - Eyes wide open, always 1st or second to the ball off defense, ready when its time and all ears to Bron's quarterly schemes. Half season, look for a "go to" transition maker

Lance "The Crab" Stephenson - Loving Kisses on the cheek, shoulder in your back and point guard in your back pocket. He's wants to start the fight but would rather end up with the ball on the other end. Hungers the motive, contribution's the asset. "The Kingdom's " 2nd set of eyes, arms, shoulders and all committed co pilot.

Rajon "P l e a s e Boy" Rondo / Lonzo "Whats next" Ball - the last quarter tank a gas' in the full tank. Creative separation of the offense and fully convicted disciples of the new Magic Johnson culture. Insert time and experience, shake well, drink daily. In 30 games or so look for 2 totally different additions with well defined roles.

With all the new expensive and extravagant bags just placed in the trunk , "the beginning is always the hardest part"... 2 games up, 4 to the negative, of course it hasn't been an award winning 1st gear but let the Sunrise come up downtown... The Stars are SURE to come out, the tempo is sure to increase and the swaggo thickens nicely from here. You like movies..? Admit one. The 2018/2019 Los Angeles Lakers. History paved. Future Bright. Pass us the rock Bronskee!!! Takeflight214.

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