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[mee-you-kee] ZOKU... Pronounce it again.. [mee-you-kee] ZOKU. You haven't heard of them..? You should have!!!

If "no mans" land is your main goal and priority destination this holiday season, Miyuki-ZOKU takes you there in a flash! Well defined in a subclass and glorious fashion space all of its own, clothing designer, brick and mortar store and spicy brand runner "Miyuki-ZOKU" sets you "a few tiers above the wave" and in a dimension all of your own when it comes to pure uniqueness and classic brand design. It's that high fashion pick up or transaction you need when everyone's on "Off White" and "Nasa's" just not gonna cut it. On the contrary, MKI Miyuki-ZOKU speaks the Christmas swag language everyone wants to hear and for YOU, RIGHT in time for turkey with the fam and early Christmas Eve dinner with your folks, the MKI packs all the heat in the holiday apple pie!!

Featured in this particular segment is the "MKI Box Print Sweat". -- 80% Cotton, 20% Fine Polyester, the UK knit boasts a proud, classy motif jussssst' right for those premium cut denims you just bought matched to the right fancy footwear to match! Favorite to most will be the MASSIVE white "Miyuki-ZOKU" print nailed to the front, topped off by a fat, healthy ribbed crewneck, matching cuffs and a substantial lower hem. 1500$? Nope. 550$? - still too high... Snag the Miyuki-ZOKU MKI Box Print Sweat for just under a 100 bucks at any of their premier recognized distributers!

With an eye piercing demeanor and well thought out street savvy presentation very reminiscent of a COMME DES GARCONS or an equally wavy Saint James, the MKI Miyuki-ZOKU Box Print Sweat catches all the splash for the holiday feels! Get the facts, the scoop and the rundown exclusively from their home site - And in the mean time, rock it right, negotiate the right matching cologne and be the absolute hot topic of everyone's premium stocking stuffers! MKI Miyuki-ZOKU - Foreign cut, Trap Ready$ Enjoy/Explore.


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