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"CRYSTALRED"OG"CHRISTMAS" - Air Jordan 1 Retro Chicago Crystal!

The 1's. The 1's. Those crispy, dirty a$$1's!! Truly we all love all things Jordan. The designs are never "overbearing", each release always has multiple uses and as far as "staple" sneaks go, very few models, brands or motifs ever compete!

This Christmas we welcome the Air Jordan 1 Retro OG Chicago Crystal! Closely paralell and stunningly familiar to its original service model, the OG captures all things old and the right stich of ALL things new! Soft White lower, Photo Blue pinnings, Crystal Translucent sole, - The Retro OG turns your normal "Tuesday trip to the bank" to the walk of ages and a fresh deja ja vu to early hardwood Chicago!

Expect the OG around December 18, 2018 and expect to drop a fitting 160US for a pair. The right sweats, an even "cashier" black hoodie tucked under the light denim jacket, --- the closet aint' ready!!. You know what to do. Get em here on request!!. Its a Crystal Red Christmas!!!


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