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"FATAL ATTRACTION" - The Nike Air Jordan Concord 11.

"Masterpiece" ; a work of outstanding artistry, skill, or workmanship.

Talk Jordan, - speak "Legend". Define art, - "listen" to the silence in the detail. - Engineer "new", - simply intensify "old"!.. HE'S DONE it, THEY'VE DONE it,... and we're damn near mesmerized yet again... The Legend re-emerges - The Nike Air Jordan Concord 11. Its back. Its simple. Its fresh and Its just as stunningly irresistible... It IS deadly "FATAL ATTRACTION"!

Masterfully reborn in an era where sneakers, fashion and footwear by popular demand have taken on a much more "heavier" approach, the Concord 11 lands on the runway just as clean, simple, classy, poised and provocative as it did during its middle 90 original debut. Keep on board the shiny patent leather "Nurburg Ring" that dominates the immediate presence, the ultra high resolution nylon/cotton upper so historic for changing the mode of a contemporary street, purposeful basketball sneaker as well as the transparent lower sole iconic for its skillful integration to a naked, bare athletic style "boot"!.. The 11 arrives just as strong, raw and utterly consistent as its first hatch readily available for purchase around December 8 of this year!

So no matter what's on the "priority list" for Santa and the crew this year, sneak a much needed "sidenote" on the dash of sleigh.. - some boxes are just MUST HAVES for early Christmas Morning. Sleep Tight$$$


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