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"SEC TITLE GAME ATLANTA, GA!" - Alabama Vs. Georgia! - Dec 1st, 2018

Whether your left arm bleeds pure Alabama Crimson red or your entire family hosts the largest Georgia Bulldogs tailgate party in the city, rivals lift tension and what better place to fuse both powers than the SEC Championship game deep in the southern crossfire turf of Atlanta, Ga!!

From the very first whistle, the game was exactly what both teams expected - a battle of the "big chest", and a knock down drag out helmet to helmet train wreck led predominantly by a VERY consistent Georgia offensive and defensive push!

As the halftime desert items swiftly passed away however, the middle third quarter matured and the Crimson tide swelled to a historic 21-0 run and the biggest SEC comeback in history! And faithfully true to their aggressive nature based representative, the Crimson Tide did what all strong winds and waves do - swelled, intensified and charged straight for shore. 10/12 minutes later, it was an entire Georgia Bulldogs organization scratching at the window and door ferociously itching for a way out! - Unfortunately nobody was home to assist and the Crimson Tide squirmed and squiggled their way to a 35 to 28 SEC Championship win!! Big up to the white and red "Legends of the Alabama trees" - The Alabama Crimson Tide, - 2018 SEC Champions! Congratulations and a battle well fought!! Try and get SOME TYPE of sleep this weekend eeh!!


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