"Off Shelf." - The Champion x "Kith" Collection, - Priceless. Must Have

Have you ever caught that "itch" when your boy pulls up, frosted Red Bull in his hand, crispy as a fresh batch of golden McDonald's French fries and the newest Versace Chain Reactions to match!? Does something to your soul right?!.. Inspirational. Impressive. Dominant. Alpha swaggo. - border line "B o s s"$!...

The "newest" never negates what's "timelessly fashionable" and the true streetwear aficionado can shop above .500 both on and off season. Todays drop can be dope but an unexpected selection leaves you with that nasty taste in your mouth, that eeeehhhhhhhick that pushes your "a game" up two levels. Introducing the Champion "Kith" heavy sweat true knit hoodie. Pre summers drop, RIGHT NOW game killer... The "Off Shelf" can make quite an uncontested winner out of you!

Rightfully knit together in a stone cold reverse weave French terry fabric, an exaggerated ultra wide hood, dual Champion brand marks on both sleeves and a wide Kangaroo pocket to match, The "Kith" is that hoodie you don't wanna sweat, drink coffee or rub up against your girlfriends dirty car in!!… Its simple presentation screams cold hearted impressive with all the quality, uniqueness and branding the other "close" competitors and comparisons don't... Why argue with a King? He rules the conversation!!!

You can find the one off Champion "Kith" selectively spread across a small band of retailers state wide. But don't stick your head too far in the sand if you cant find one in the first 15/20 minutes. The "pretty" ones always take a minute show up.

The Champion "Kith" heavy knit hoodie. One for the books and dominantly "Off Shelf". Come up a little higher***!!

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