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2018 The Year In Art. A Year Of Innovation

As the Christmas trees joyfully go up and the year faithfully winds down, there's so much we all can look back at in 2018 and truly be "grateful' for"!!

If its sports that heads the conversation, we have a much shinier NBA game than ever before with a league CHALKED FULL of explosive sneaker colorway, BOLD uniform re-invention, creative team and talent arrangement and the tasteful addition of a truckload of fresh new stars!!. Only a few games into the season, we DEFINITELY can see it was worth the wait and as 2019 hits strong, many of our mouths are WIDE OPEN in wondrous expectation of the mid season red carpet opener to be held in vintage Charlotte, NC at the annual NBA ALL STAR game!! What's better than a luxurious Laker franchise with "James championship" DNA!?

In the wonderful "wide world of Fashion", never before have we seen so many collabs fitted across SO many polar opposite genres and branding circles... Luxury to streetwear, streetwear to punk, urban to professional mainstream. - "Vogue" has become much more "vivid" and "Supreme" has allowed itself to be quite a few octaves above "Bad AND Bougie"!!.. If the shoe fits - WEAR IT!!!

No matter what the discipline or genre, the term "art' has increased with alarming velocity and creativity has taken on an entirely new level of excitement, presence and professionalism no matter what discipline invites its vivacious curvature. So as the sleigh bells ring while you're listening, in a land that's increasingly g l I s t e n I n g, it's a beautiful time to reflectively recline, walking in artsy wonderland!! The year 2018 was undeniably PACKED with the drip!! Let its electric feels move you... Its only the beginning of a sexy new world landscape to come. Toast to an abundant 2019!! Happy Holiday Season from Take!!


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