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That bounce that makes you "bop" not once but on repeat.. - yep. got that.

That sauce that makes you roll your freshly cleaned windows down in early Friday evening traffic - yep. got that.

That Ricky Rose' type UGGGGGH appeal fresh out the gate on any dope track - yep. got that too.

Count the sentences then count the checks, "Kodie Shane" is a premium bottle of one off champagne strategically over shaken and absolutely ready to EXPLODE! Hybrid "mumble rap", poet, Queen Lyricist and contemporary mosh pit rock star, Shane is all of that AND your bag of chips. 2 songs in and the biggest Beats pill you can find around the house and she'll make a hip hop disciple out of you - why? She's just got that trappy/popstar molecule set that communicates Rock Star -"ish"-!

With ear crushing snippets like "Shut Up (Acoustic)", "Learning", "Don't worry about it", "Lost", "End up like that", "Do you love me" or "Sirens", Kodie has the energetic chemistry and steady flow to leave her saucy little toes in the young Trapstar Super Sand!

Her musical roots extend to her father, close Aunt and even notable cousin and new age talent Famous Dex. But what makes Kodie an entirely different species however is her unrelenting allegiance to herself... Lyrically she shines, sonically she impresses and influentially she makes you want to go out and buy a fresh new fit for absolutely NO good reason! Experience all of Kodie Shane and everything in between via her newest masterpiece "Young HeartThrob" drawn and co-piloted by Eric Records and Sony Music Entertainment. Grassroot feels, top level trap rap genuis. KODIE SHANE. 2018 - "Saucy". Cop that!


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