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"Big Phase 2019." - "My 2019" will be..!!

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"Count it up, Count it up, Count it up, COUNT IT!!! - Count it up, Count it up, Count it up, COUNT IT!!!..

- J Cole. "ATM"

"Think Big". Everyone has a "mantra" and a motto or a "New Years Resolution" properly posted on the front of the refrigerator but as 2019 lines itself up and takes firm position, how big will your "New Year 2019 be!!?"

How much money do you want to save!!?

What kind of progress do you want to make on your job, in your career or your new business!!?

What are your travel plans for the year!!?

Are you gong to propose or nah!??..

Graffiti Money Wall Art

If you believe it, you can achieve it but if you can't "see" it, you have nothing to believe. According to a unique online space known as, about 22% of New Years Resolutions fail after about a week, 40% after a month, 50% after 3 months, and 60% after 6 months... How did 2018 go for you!? What worked well, what's still left in motion and what's still left undone!!!?

Whatever your "visions of grandeur" may be this year, put some gasoline on it, pour your heart into it, pick up a book to study it and at the end of this month, raise a healthy toast to a real, tangible plan and goal set for 2019! - then get real, get honest, fuse it all together and "Count it up"!!!! - Stay Humble, Move with purpose! - Big Phases 2019!

Start tomorrow's early morning journal entry or planning session with one clear, concise statement..

MY 2019 WILL BE....$$

Yep, you're making progress, Now go knock on it and make it happen!!


Graffiti Money Wall Art


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