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Weekly Muse: "DIMEPIECES$" - The One, The Only$ - Yovanna Ventura


Miami Home Grown!

24 Years of Age.

Global Gorgeous

100% BADBaddie!

*Wilhelmina Models LA/UK *Women 360 Management NY

Welcome to Yovanna Ventura. Native to none other than SCORCHING red hot Miami, Fl, Yovanna Ventura is classified as one of the most "Down to earth"," Above the heavens" Instagram blowups present in sexy social media!

Sagittarius at core, Yovanna is a luminous star amongst the stars. Six degrees of separation from Justin Bieber and represented by both Wilhelmina Models LA / UK as well as Women 360 Management, Yovanna's a "Babe of Babes" and an undeniable item to watch in the New Year of 2019!

Catch Ventura on any of her raging social media platforms including YouTube, Instagram or her exclusive individual setting at Kim Kardashian, Gigi Hadid, Kylie Jenner, New Name Instagram phenomenon - hold the door, a brand new mini Goddess just entered the building!!

Yovanna Ventura X Takeflight214.


And we're just getting started..$$$$" - You Ready!!?

Stay Thirsty my friend!


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