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"FROST X WHITE " // Vigil Abloh 2019 Jewelry Collection$

Vigil Abloh 2019 Jewelry Collection$

What else would you expect from this ages Fashion Forward Steve Jobs?

As if Vigil Abloh didn't have enough to cover in his 7 day work week, the high fashion powerhouse will now be adding an urban class premiere jewelry collection to the saucepan!

While all the fine details are yet unknown, the new line is scheduled to be featured along the OFF WHITE Fall/Winter 2019 show coming up during Paris Fashion Week!

What can you expect!!? "Virgil the Jeweler" "one off" inspired diamond clad paper clips, everyday office supplies and highly drip worthy common day items!

FROST X WHITE " x  Vigil Abloh 2019 Jewelry Collection

Abloh has recently become universally well known for his heavily sought urban high fashion culture hybrid work defined as "OFF WHITE". More than "OFF WHITE", his brand baby has become a moving "sauce shuttle" infiltrating even the very best in the game including Yeezy, Garcon, Saint Laurent and the likes!

The digs - Fly. The swag - Dirty. The movement - Vastly Impressive. Hats off kind chap', we see you pimpin$$$

Vigil Abloh Louis Vuitton Collection

FROST X WHITE " x Vigil Abloh 2019 Jewelry Collection


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