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"Jordan Next Dimension." Introduces The All White, Extra Dope Jordan Apex Utility! "

Jordan Next Dimension Sneaker

Imagine a land "far in the distant shadow of time" where dreams become high synergy supercharged reality!. Imagine a "space like" landing pad and innovative space station where you hop out your special order matte white Tesla to walk into the convenient store to grab a cranberry juice and some cookies and then IT HAPPENS!!... Two well lit H.I.D. stalls in front of you, you see the Lambo like Audi doors go up, one foot step out and all you can see is a sharp, vivid, "trashy" Jumpman meticulously printed on the right side of the shoe!.. Nah you're not dreaming, you just caught a glimpse of time sped up, future in the making yet the present alarmingly right here!!

Air Jordan Apex Utility Sneaker News

Its true. Introducing Jordan Next Dimension. Everything you wanted from Team Nike merged with the official Jordan Brand yet with a Marvel Studios like curve and Creative Rec like presence. Has Nike done it again or what!??

Patiently sown with all things "Off White" but everything Jumpman and Lebron focused, Team Jumpman steps into the moon station with the DIRTY SAUCY Jordan Apex Utility. Wrapped in a space age race car boot like demeanor, the Apex is a small drop of all things 2019/20 NBA and a whole lotta drip new age Nike "Don of the Future"!

Evenly clad with a transparent plastic middle, an old school Hardaway lower sole and a "Yeezy West" overall design structure, the Apex Utility does all things normal basketball driven and culturally inspired shoes don't do. Top it off with a tight knit mesh sock, matching tongue hoops and ankle adjusters, its the Jordan boot set you gotta own and the freshest new pair that have to be featured in your glassy front hallway!

Cancel the 175 dollar early pickup, the Jordan Apex Utility hits you for the full 200 sometime this year. And call your closest Supreme supplier because you know you gotta get the sauce to match. Be on the release lookout daily!!! Jumpman Jordan Apex Utility. Get ya sauce up boi' !!!

Jordan Apex Utility Sneaker News

Sneaker Release Info Jordan Next Dimension


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