"DUMBKRAZY Art Life." feat. D*FACE$. - "PaintSICK"

"DUMBKRAZY Art Life." feat. D*FACE$. - "PaintSICK"

You remember the last time you were Downtown in your city and you passed that STUPIDSICK street mural peering through the traffic light on the right hand side of the intersection? Yea the one you had to make the u turn at the stop light for and snap twice for the Gram'.. Yep - "Moments of grandeur" ; when extreme passion meets sharp artistic silence!!

Enter D*Face. Properly titled, He's exactly what you want in the wondrous world of "OFF WHITE"" and cultural design which bleeds a little bit deeper than "popular fiction". His work is awesome. Impressive. Daunting. Memorable and a two minute visual conversation with D*FACE is a moment of pure bliss and absolute electric inspiration to all the hopeless creatives of this this age. Just take a look at his Bio/Resume available on his site - one word. Prolific.

DUMBKRAZY Art Life." feat. D*FACE$. - "PaintSICK"

"What now seems like a lifetime but is merely a decade ago I sat slumped at my desk, head on arm pushing a pencil round a piece of paper dreaming up ways to kill time and break the chains holding me to my desk, Monday to Friday each day became the same and I was eating my brain.

DUMBKRAZY Art Life." feat. D*FACE$.  Artwork

Then one day whilst dreaming up further ideas in the series of ‘Ways to kill time’ the pencil lines on the pad started to become characters, strange and dysfunctional they formed my dysfunctional world which had no rule. Slowly I figured the pencil could be replaced with a marker pen (the Pentel N50 to be exact) and the paper replaced with cheap vinyl which was acquired from DIY stores, these characters once resigned to a life on paper filed in a folder under ‘Not suitable for visual consumption’ began to have a life of their own; adhered to lamp post and electrical boxes they plotted and linked my route home, one became 10 and slowly 10 became more than I can remember.