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The Unexpected Release Of The NEPENTHES NY x Reebok Workout Plus

NEPENTHES NY x Reebok Workout Plus

Reebok and New York's NEPENTHES outpost have collaborated to drop a white pair of Reebok Workout Plus sneakers.

The shoe, which dropped recently with hardly any notice, rocks white grain leather on its upper, and its midsole is dressed in a light grey. A patch of grey suede also decorates the midfoot, which gives a nice street vibe.

NEPENTHES NY x Reebok Workout Plus

As a side note, fun fact did you know that Reebok is owned by Adidas? Check it out, its true. Maybe this is why it bears a striking resemblance to the Continental 80.

"NEPENTHES NY" is written on the branded tongue of the shoe in representation of the collaboration.

The sneaker itself is very clean and dapper, which makes me hope this isn't the last we see from the 2 companies working together.

This classic sneaker dropped for $113 on Solestop.


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