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Apple Teases AirPods 2 Release Later This Year

Apple Airpod 2 Release Info

We have all seen the obvious increase in people wearing Air Pods. Whether they do it to flex, or for the culture, or simply because it is a great product; there is no hiding the fact that the product has shown massive success.

The idea was originally lampooned back when they first released, "what a stupid idea to get rid of the headphone jack", "They look weird," they said. But then people started actually using them and, for probably a year or more after the reveal in September 2016, Apple couldn’t keep them in stock.

Apple Airpod 2 Release Info

On September 12 at the Steve Jobs Theater, the opening movie spoofed Mission: Impossible and at one point the central character, a young woman wearing AirPods, asks, "Hey, Siri, what's the fastest way to Steve Jobs Theater?" She didn't tap the earbud before speaking her request, which is currently the requirement to invoke the virtual personal assistant. But no official info was released at that time.

An updated version of the airpods have been rumored for some time now, but it is now known that the Apple Air Pod 2's are set to release within the first half of this year.

The new product is confirmed to include bio metric technology and new features that will allow it to double as a fitness tracker, even capable of measuring ones cardiac output. Not to mention as hinted at by the previously noted commercial, a higher resistance to water.

Apple Airpod 2 Release Info

The Next-gen AirPods will also have a new case that’s capable of wireless charging and are said to have noise-canceling technology, and thought to possibly include an upgraded W2 chip, found in the Apple Watch Series 3 which offers way more power efficiency.

Stay in touch for further information on this release, as we will be sure to keep everyone updated.


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