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Weekly Muse: MODEL"TING." // Audreyana Michelle

668k on the Grammy', raw organic native of Oklahoma City and well known in many unique celebrity circles, Audreyana Michelle steals all the spotlight whether its star walk Beverly Hills or home grown back yard lemonade with the OK locals!!

Formerly recognized as the "ting of tings" with Justin Beiber, Scott Disick and even a run in or two with Drippy Drip rapper Tyga, Ms. Michelle has no problem as the mini highlight of the show or the continual conversation of the Gram!!

Presently Audreyana shoots the fast life with Freedom Models LA / Agency AZ / NEXT MiamiPremier London / Premium Paris / and Monster Milan. If you cant find her behind the glassy 35mm there, she's also probably running the block with community association CRUSHXO or entertainment representation group Luber Roklin Entertainment.

Twenty years old, Michelle's bright, well mannered, socially saucy' and has a solid future ahead of herself.! Shine A. Michelle, a pictures worth a thousand freakin' words!!!$$


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