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Game of Thrones. // Pats vs. Rams / NFL SUPERBOWL 53. Who You Got?


What do you get when you mix a hard hitting, freshly revamped front runner out of sunny side Los Angeles, Ca and a hard spitting, dirty Super Bowl Champ that has just as much bark, bite and vengeance as they did in the last big brawl.!!? Here, let us help you --NFL Super Bowl 53, Downtown Atlanta, Ga!! Its the moment the whole world has been waiting for!!! The table's set, the jerseys are bought and the hats are all painted! Are you excited!? You ready!? She's here!!!

Pats vs. Rams Super Bowl 53

Tom Brady, - 5 time Super Bowl Champion, 13 time Pro Bowler, 3 League MVP's and Four time Super Bowl MVP recipient. Solid. Impressive. Artistic. Predictable.

Los Angeles Rams, - Sean Mcvay, Jared Goff, 13-3-0 Season, HUNGRY, HUNGRY, HUNGRY.. - YOUNG and yes HUNGRY$!

Tom Brady 5 time Super Bowl Champ

Regular Seasons are all about home town fans, "time to get in the groove", play calling and "readjustment" but the difference Sunday will be words like Grit. Determination. Poise. Strategy. Playability.

LA Rams Super Bowl 53

With the stakes high on both sides of the field in this weeks game, one solitary factor separates the men from the boys.. Strategic Focus. - Each organization has a solid grasp on its organizational chemistry, corporate strengths and corporate weakness but the bull who bucks its rider off its back this Sunday will win the tale tell mental game 4 downs at time!!

The stage will be huge - Atlanta, Ga, all the stars and stripes, Maroon 5, Travis Scott, and even hometown favorite Big Boy from the legendary set OUTKAST. But when the whistle blows, it'll be a clash of risk, skill, talent and end season drive. The outcomes sure to be a great one so lets just keep our heads in it to see who did their homework!!! Game of Thrones. Super Bowl 53, Atlanta, GA - MASKOFF!!! ***

Rams vs. Pats Super Bowl 53

2019 Super Bowl 53


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