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Gucci Releases A Designer Fishing Vest... No Really.

Gucci Releases Designer Fishing Vest

We are all familiar with the high-end designer brand Gucci. The age old Italian fashion house that has recently been all about the streetwear, yeah that Gucci. Made famous for its extremely elegant, sometimes out of the ordinary, clothes. Not to mention, the immeasurable amount of clout it receives from celebrities.

On January 30, Gucci took to shelves a very unusual product. A Fishing vest. We are all used to Gucci breaking the norm with its countless unusual products and runway styles that will never see the street, but a fishing vest just seems so, well weird.

Gucci designer fishing vest

The vest is high quality, which you would expect form a luxury fashion brand, the fishing gear is presented in an all green colorway with that huge in your face Gucci logo that you either love or hate.

Now you may ask, just how much would one need spend to acquire this thing? $2110.00 is the retail price, which is not surprising, leave it to Gucci to charge 2 grand for a random piece that could be bought on ebay for around $16. Sans the branding of course.

But none the less if this is your thing, it can be found at MATCHESFASHION.COM so head over and outfit yourself and lets go fishing.


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